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   Telecom Billing

Telecom billing is the process of gathering and grouping telecommunication service or product usage information for specific accounts or customers, producing and sending invoices, and recording (posting) payments made to customer accounts.

This figure shows the basic functions of the call processing section of a billing system. This diagram shows how different event sources are received by the call processing system. These event sources may be from the network elements or from other companies that have provided services to your customers. These records are reformatted to a common CDR format and duplicate CDRs are eliminated. Identification information in each call detail record is used to guide (match) the record to an account in the customer database. The customer's information determines the rate plan to use in charge calculation. The rating database uses rate tables, the customers selected rate plan, and possibly other information (e.g. distance, time of day) to calculate the actual charge for each call. All of the information is added to the CDR and it is either placed in the bill pool (ready for billing), or it is sent to another company to be billed if the customer identification is not part of this network's customer database. If there are any problems with call processing, the call detail records are sent to message investigation for further analysis.

Billing System Functional Diagram

Telecom Billing System Diagram


   Telecom Billing Definitions

1996 Telecommunications Act
800 Service
976 Service
Abandoned Call
Acceptance Test
Account Activation
Access Customer Number Abbreviation - ACNA
Access Provider
Access Fee
Access Line
Access Minutes
Access Number
Access Provider
Access Service Request - ASR
Account Administrator
Activation Commission
Air Time - Airtime
All Trunks Busy - ATB
Answer Supervision
Application Service Provider - ASP
Auto Dialing Recorded Message Player - ADRMP
Automatic Call Distribution - ACD
Automatic Message Accounting - AMA
Automatic Number Identification - ANI
Average Revenue per User - ARPU
Back Office
Bill Period
Bill Posting
Billing Account Number - BAN
Billing Aggregator
Billing and Customer Care - BCC
Billing Company
Billing Cycle
Billing Event
Billing Increment
Billing Interconnection Percentage - BIP
Billing Media Converter - BMC
Billing Name and Address
Billing Service Bureau
Billing System
Billing Telephone Number - BTN
Billing Unit
Block Call
Borderline Interconnection Percent - BIP
Busy Hour Minutes - BHM
CABS End Office - CEO
Call Accounting System - CAS
Call Center
Call Detail Records - CDR
Call Detail Record - CDR - Processing
Call Detail Record Server - CDR Server
Call Progress Tones
Call Rate - CR
Call Restrictions
Caller Identification - Caller ID
Calling Party Pays - CPP
Calls per Second - CPS
Carrier Access Billing System - CABS
Carrier Identification Code - CIC
Central Exchange - Centrex
Central Office - CO
Commitment Date - CD
Completion Rate
Consolidated Billing
Convergence Billing
Cost Recovery
Credit Score
Customer Acquisition Cost - CAC
Customer Care and Billing System - CCBS
Customer Rating
Customer Relationship Management - CRM
Customer Service Representative - CSR
Customer Self-Care
Data Mining
Data Warehouse
Decision Support Systems - DSS
Delay Announcement
Delinquency Threshold
Deny Any Knowledge - DAK
Direct Outward Dialing - DOD
Dropped Calls
Electronic Commerce - E-commerce or ECommerce
End User Licensing Agreement - EULA
Equal Access
Event Sources
Exchange Message Record - EMR
Full Period Service
Guiding Billing Records
Inbound Call Center
Incident Report
Incident Tracking
Initial Period
Inter-Carrier Settlements
Interim Standard 124 Data Message Handler - IS-124
Intrastate Access Services Tariff
Invoice Statement
Local Access And Transport Area - LATA
Local Exchange
Local Number Portability - LNP
Local Routing Number - LRN
Log File - Logfile
Major Trading Area - MTA
Mean Time to Repair - MTTR
Mediation Devices
Metropolitan Service Area - MSA
Minutes Of Use - MOU
Mobile Commerce - M-Commerce
Monthly Recurring Cost - MRC
Moves, Adds, And Changes - MAC
Multilingual Support
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing - MECABS
Network Access Charge
Network Data Management Usage - NDM-U
Non-Recurring Charge - NRC
Off Peak
Online Payment System
Open Settlement Protocol - OSP
Open System
Operator Assisted Call
Ordering and Billing Forum - OBF
Originating Number
Payment Processing
Peak Hour
Phantom Call
Preferred Interexchange Carrier - PIC
Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge - PICC
Rate Center
Rate Plan
Rate Table
Rating Engine
Real Time Billing
Reciprocal Compensation - Reciprocity
Recurring Charge - RC
Relational Database
Reorder Tone
Reporting System
Request For Budgetary Proposal - RFBP
Request For Information - RFI
Request For Proposal - RFP
Request For Quotation - RFQ
Revenue Accounting Office - RAO
Screen Pop
Service Bureau
Service Provisioning
Serving Area
Settlement Code
Settlements Procedures
Silent Churn
Simple Interest
Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing - SECABS
Station Message Detail Recording - SMDR
Structured Query Language - SQL
Structured Query Language Server - SQL Server
Subscriber Line Charge
System Administrator
Television Commerce - T-commerce
Time Of Day Routing
Toll Fraud
Total Cost Of Ownership - TCO
Transferred Account Procedures - TAP
Triple Play
Unbundled Loop
Uniform Numbering Plan
Unit Billing
Universal Service
Usage Level
Usage Sensitive Pricing
Value Added Network - VAN
Value Added Reseller - VAR
Voice Response Unit - VRU
Voice Service
Wide Area Telecommunications Service - WATS

   Telecom Billing Books

Introduction to Telecom Billing Book

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Introduction to Telecom Billing

This book explains how companies bill for telephone and data services, information services, and non-communication products and services. Billing and customer care systems convert the bits and bytes of digital information within a network into the money that will be received by the service provide.

$11.99 Printed, $9.99 eBook

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