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   Prepaid Billing

Prepaid billing is the process of charging for services or product usage information from accounts which have value that is already available for use.

Prepaid communication services is a process that is used by service providers (such as communication providers) to be paid for services they provide in the future. This allows the provider to obtain revenue for services without the risk of bad debt and it eliminates the need and cost for billing operations. Prepaid service is often associated with customers that may be credit challenged or who want more control over bills.

This figure shows a real time prepaid billing system. In this example, the customer initiates a call to a prepaid switching gateway. The gateway gathers the account information by either prompting the user to enter information or by gathering information from the incoming call (e.g. prepaid wireless telephone number). The gateway sends the account information (dialed digits and account number) to the real time rating system. The real time rating system identifies the correct rate table (e.g. peak time or off peak time) and inquires the account determine the balance of the account. Using the rate information and balance available, the real time rating system determines the maximum available time for the call duration. This information is sent back to the gateway and the gateway completes (connects) the call. During the call progress, the gateway maintains a timer so the caller cannot exceed the maximum amount of time. After the call is complete (either caller hangs up), the gateway sends a message to the real time rating system that contains the actual amount of time that is used. The real time rating system uses the time and rate information to calculate the actual charge for the call. The system then updates the account balance (decreases by the charge for the call).

Prepaid Billing System Functional Diagram

Prepaid Billing System Diagram


   Prepaid Billing Definitions

Account Activation
Access Line
Access Minutes
Access Number
Access Provider
Access Service Request - ASR
Account Activation
Account Adjustments
Account Administrator
Account Finder - AF
Account Refill
Account Service Class
Account Stages
Accumulated Usage
Activation Code
Administrative Charging System - ACS
Allowed Number List
Audit Reports
Automatic Number Identification - ANI
Available Call Duration
Back Office
Balance Threshold
Barred Location Numbers
Barring Thresholds
Batch Promotions
Batch Refills
Bill Period
Bill Posting
Billing Account
Billing Account Number - BAN
Billing Aggregator
Billing and Customer Care - BCC
Billing Company
Billing Increment
Billing Interface
Billing Media Converter - BMC
Billing System
Billing Telephone Number - BTN
Billing Unit
Bonus Manager
Bulk Adjustments
Call Accounting System - CAS
Call Center
Call Detail Records - CDR
Call Detail Record - CDR - Processing
Call Detail Record Server - CDR Server
Call Progress Tones
Call Rate
Call Rate - CR
Call Restrictions
Caller Identification - Caller ID
Calling Party Pays - CPP
Calls per Second - CPS
CAMEL Application Part - CAP
CAMEL Application Part Version 2 - CAPv2
CAMEL Application Part Version 3 - CAPv3
Carrier Identification Code - CIC
Charging Control Node - CCN
Charging Management
Charging Software Development Kit - Charging SDK
Charging System
Commitment Date - CD
Community Charging
Credit Clearance Period
Credit Extension
Credit Rating
Credit Screening
Customer Administrative Interface - CAI
Customer Administrative System - CAS
Customer Care and Billing System - CCBS
Customer Provisioning
Customer Relationship Management - CRM
Customer Service Representative - CSR
Data Mining
Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse System - DWS
Deny Any Knowledge - DAK
Dialed Number Identification Service - DNIS
Dropped Calls
Expiration Date - Expiry Date
External Clients
External Interface
External Refill
Fraud Protection
Grace Period
Guiding Billing Records
Intelligent Network Triggered Charging - IN-Triggering
Interim Standard 124 Data Message Handler - IS-124
Master Account
Master Subscriber
Mediation Devices
Minutes Of Use - MOU
Monetary Units
Negative Balance
Negative Balance Barring
Negative Tariff
Network Data Management Usage - NDM-U
Offline Charging
Online Mediation
Online Payment System
Open Settlement Protocol - OSP
Ordering and Billing Forum - OBF
Pre-Activated Accounts
Pre-Authorized User
Pre-Intelligent Network - Pre-IN
Pre-Paid Subscriber - Prepaid Subscriber
Rating Engine
Rating Structure
Real Time Billing
Real Time Billing System - RTBS
Refill Configuration
Refill Method
Refill Promotion
Refilling - Refill
Service Fee Period - SFP
Service Removal Period - SRP
Subordinate Account
Subordinate Subscribers
Subscriber Identity - Subscriber ID
Subscriber Provisioning
Supervision Period
Usage Accumulators
Usage Based Promotions
Validation Processing
Value Voucher
Voucher Generation
Voucher Group
Voucher History
Voucher Provisioning
Voucher Purging
Voucher Security
Voucher Server - VS
Voucher State
White List - Whitelist

   Billing Books

Introduction to Telecom Billing Book

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Introduction to Telecom Billing

This book explains how companies bill for telephone and data services, information services, and non-communication products and services. Billing and customer care systems convert the bits and bytes of digital information within a network into the money that will be received by the service provide.

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