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Introduction to IPTV Billing

IPTV Billing Book

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   IPTV Billing

Billing and Customer Care platforms for IPTV systems convert the bits and bytes of transmitted information such as IP Video or other services that are provided within multimedia distribution networks into the money that will be received by the service provider. To accomplish this, the IPTV billing and customer care system provides account activation and tracking, service feature selection, selection of billing rates for specific network events, invoice creation, payment processing, and management of communication with the customer. IPTV billing may combine digital television, telephone, data transmission and information services into a single billing system.

Billing and customer care systems are the link between end users and the communications network equipment. IPTV service providers manage networks, setting them up (provisioning) to allow customers to transfer information, and bill end users for their use of the system. Customers who desire IPTV services select carriers by evaluating service and equipment costs, reviewing the reliability of the network, and comparing how specific services (features) match their communication and media needs. Because most network operations have access to systems with the same technology, the billing and customer care system is a key criterion used to differentiate one service provider from another. IPTV systems can be managed networks or they can be unmanaged.

IP Television services include the delivery of local content and channels, network programming, on demand content and high definition television channels. Customers typically pay for television services through a combination of basic service fees, subscription channel access fees, and pay per view fees. The basic service fees typically include access to a limited number of television channels (local and network). Subscription channel fees provide the viewer with access to premium channels that are not available in the basic service. Additional usage fees may be charged for specific media selections and viewing events the user consumes over the basic service period.

In addition to the charging for basic content services, advertisers may pay the content provider a fee for the insertion of advertising messages. Because IPTV has the ability to deliver advertising messages to specific customers (addressable advertising), the selection and delivery of advertising messages needs to be tracked and billed to advertisers or advertising agencies.

This figure shows typical television services that create billing and service usage records for subscription and advertising services. This diagram shows that television subscription services include access to local content, live network programming and pay per view (on demand) services. This diagram also shows that usage records may be created for the selection and insertion of commercials and interaction with advertisements. This example shows that the money that is paid by the advertiser may go to the IPTV service provider.


IPTV Billing Services Diagram

IPTV  Billing Services Diagram


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   IPTV Billing Books

IPTV Billing Book

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Introduction to IPTV Billing

This book explains the language and terms used in the setup and operation of IPTV billing systems along with the format and important information parts of event detail billing records. The popular billing industry standards used to track IPTV services include IPDR, AMA, CIBER, TAP and XML are covered.

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