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Introduction to IPTV Billing

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   IPTV Billing Ad Insertion Fees

An insertion fee is a value that must be paid by a person or company for the insertion of an ad into a media item or program. Ad insertion is the process of inserting an advertising message into a media stream such as a television program. For broadcasting systems, advertising messages are typically inserted on a national or geographic basis that is determined by the distribution network. For IP television systems, Ad inserts can be directed to specific users based on the viewer's profile.

IPTV service offers the option to insert advertising messages into programming at a variety of distribution points. Advertising services for IPTV systems include network advertising, (to all viewers), regional advertising (spot ads), ads to specific viewers (addressable ads) and interactive ads (ads that the viewer can immediately react or respond to).

Charging an advertiser for the delivery of advertising messages includes fees for ad impressions and ad selections. Ads may be inserted on a guaranteed or space available basis.

Ad Impressions

An ad impression is the presentation of an advertising message or image to a media viewer. Charging for ad impressions on an IPTV system is different because it is possible to pay based on the actual impressions to specific viewers. The better the profile of the viewer matches the desired audience of the advertiser, the more valuable the ad impression becomes.

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   IPTV Billing Books

IPTV Billing Book

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Introduction to IPTV Billing

This book explains the language and terms used in the setup and operation of IPTV billing systems along with the format and important information parts of event detail billing records. The popular billing industry standards used to track IPTV services include IPDR, AMA, CIBER, TAP and XML are covered.

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